Powers & Zahr is an advanced technology and engineering company with emphasis on developing technology insertion initiatives for the energy, defense, aerospace and commercial markets.

  • ™LEVERAGING its sister unmanned aerial systems (UAS) companies, Flint Hills Solutions (www.fhsllc.com) and Fat Head Solutions (www.fatheadllc.com), to work closely together to jointly develop technology solutions focusing on reducing size, weight, power and cost, while increasing performance.
  • USING our large technology portfolio with significant network of high technology companies and partners all working together to leverage the integration of our solutions into new and legacy energy, defense, aerospace and commercial programs.
  • ™FOCUSING on increasing the customers awareness of advanced technologies that can be rapidly inserted into the marketplace.
  • ™DEVELOPING the business case for our customers to realize technology insertion program cost reduction while insuring a positive return on investment (ROI), positive internal rate of return (IRR), and overall total ownership cost (TOC) reduction.

NEWS!  Powers & Zahr forms a CONSORTIUM focused on advancing technology with funded Research & Development (R&D) in the commercial market!

PZCMC (www.pzcmc.com)